Grayling calls for legal fights to come to UK

Elizabeth Fournier
THE JUSTICE secretary yesterday urged international firms to make the most of the UK’s expert litigation courts, as he welcomed the £20.9bn that legal services contribute to the economy each year.

In a speech at law firm Allen & Overy’s City offices, Chris Grayling said: “The City of London is known as a global capital of finance, but it is equally a world centre for legal services.”

He said international firms and individuals should be encouraged to bring their legal disputes to London courts, pledging to go on a worldwide marketing drive that would highlight the UK’s “unrivalled reputation” as a legal centre of “impartiality, integrity and enforceability”. High profile court battles between warring tycoons – including last year’s clash between Roman Abramovich and Boris Berezovsky have brought in bumper fees for the UK legal firms involved.