Google to spend up to $100m on YouTube revamp

YOUTUBE is to undergo a major overhaul that will see it reformatted into “channels” or topics such as sport and art, some of which will feature original content produced for the website.

Most of the channels will consist of a reorganisation of material already uploaded to make it easier for users to find the content that they want to watch, but a few premium channels will offer new, specifically commissioned videos, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The new content, on which parent company Google is to spend up to $100m (£61m), are part of an overhaul designed to prepare for the age of internet-connected televisions, likely to mean a further surge in the sharing of video content.

Producing original content would be a stark departure from its original model for YouTube, which is based around user-generated videos.

The commissioned material is likely to stem from deals struck with established Hollywood production studios.

The first changes will start to be phased in towards the end of this year, with YouTube currently hiring for staff to implement them.