Google returns the rights to Frommer’s brand to founder

GOOGLE has returned the rights to the travel brand Frommer’s to its founder just eight months after shelling out $22m (£14.4m) for the travel guides.

Google, which bought the travel guides from publisher John Wiley & Sons last August, said it had integrated content from Frommer’s into some of its services including Google Plus and Maps, which provide users with details on local hotels and restaurants.

It confirmed that it had returned the brand to founder Arthur Frommer and was licensing “certain travel content to him.”

However, it declined to disclose any details on the terms of the deal between itself and Frommer.

Frommer, who launched his guidebook series in 1957 with his self-published “Europe on $5 a day” originally written for American soliders in Europe, said he was “very happy”.

‘‘We will be publishing the Frommer travel guides in ebook and print formats and will also be operating the travel site,” Frommer, who is now 83 years old, told the Associated Press.

“Starting this autumn, we plan to publish some 40 titles, 20 of which will be available digitally and in print, and the other half available only in print,” he added.

Frommer sold his firm to publisher Simon and Schuster in 1977, twenty years after founding the firm, and it was subsequently sold several times.

Prior to Google’s purchase of Frommer’s it was owned by publisher John Wiley and Sons.