Google bans Windows over security fears

GOOGLE is phasing out internal use of rival Microsoft’s Windows operating system because of security concerns following a Chinese hacking incident.

The decision to move to other operating systems including Apple’s Mac OS and open-source Linux began in January after Google’s Chinese operations were hacked.

Internet security firm McAfee said the cyber attacks on Google and other businesses had exploited a previously unknown flaw in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser, which was vulnerable on all recent versions of Windows.

Google said in a statement: “We’re always working to improve the efficiency of our business, but we do not comment on specific operational matters.”

Google, which already competes with a number of Microsoft products, is developing its own operating system based on its Chrome browser. It will initially target netbooks, or inexpensive, pared-down notebook PCs.

Microsoft Windows runs about nine out of 10 of the world’s PCs.