SIR Fred Goodwin will start his hunt for a new business role when he returns to his &pound;3m Edinburgh home later this month, City A.M. can reveal.<br /><br />The disgraced former Royal Bank of Scotland chief executive is looking at re-entering the charity sector, after his six-year tenure as chairman of the Prince&rsquo;s Trust came to an end last month.<br /><br />&ldquo;He knows he wouldn&rsquo;t be on everyone&rsquo;s wish list at the moment for an executive position, but he just wants to get back into society,&rdquo; said a friend.<br /><br />&nbsp;The friend added: &ldquo;He enjoyed his Prince&rsquo;s Trust work very much and so would be very interested in something along similar lines.&rdquo;<br /><br />Goodwin plans to come back to Scotland so that his children can go back to school in time for the start of term.<br /><br />Nicknamed &ldquo;Fred the Shred&rdquo; for his hard-line approach to cost-cutting, Goodwin has barely shown his face in public since he resigned last year from RBS, which was forced to accept a &pound;20bn government bailout to save it from going under after its former chief&rsquo;s aggressive expansionary strategy pushed it deep into the red.<br /><br />His house was later attacked by vandals protesting against his &pound;703,000-a-year RBS pension pot, part of which he has since surrendered.<br /><br />RBS last week posted a &pound;1bn first-half loss, though this was significantly ahead of its record &pound;24bn loss for the whole of 2008.