Goldman to unveil soaring revenues

GOLDMAN Sachs will report a bumper second quarter today, opening the door for the Wall Street firm to reinstate the hefty bonus awards of the past.<br /><br />Goldman, which kicks off the US banks&rsquo; reporting season today, is expected to report revenues of $10.7bn (&pound;6.6bn) for the three months to 30 June, up from $9.4bn in the three months to 30 May last year, due to a change in the firm&rsquo;s reporting timetable. Net income is set to hit $1.7bn, set against $2bn in the previous year.<br /><br />Goldman is now free of curbs on remuneration, after repaying $10bn in state aid to the US government. The bank&rsquo;s total pay pool is predicted to hit nearly $18bn, up from $10.9bn last year.