Goldman top brass get $24m windfall

GOLDMAN SACHS bosses including chief executive Lloyd Blankfein crystallised millions of dollars of gains last week by cashing in stock options, according to regulatory filings.

Blankfein booked a profit of $6.1m (£642,000) by exercising his right to buy nearly 90,700 shares in Goldman at their 2000 level of $82.86 apiece and selling them at prices of between $149.49 and $152.

President Gary Cohn made $4.9m by using more than 73,600 options, chief financial officer David Viniar made $4.5m on more than 67,300 options and general counsel Esta Stecher made $1.6m. Also booking profits were vice chairman John Weinberg at $3.9m, co-counsel Greg Palm at $3.2m and chief accountant Sarah Smith with $243,900.