Goldman Sachs’ £10m tax deal comes to High Court next week

Tim Wallace
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HM REVENUE and Customs will be in court next week defending a tax deal with Goldman Sachs which critics say unfairly let the investment bank off a £10m interest payment to the taxman.

Campaign group UK Uncut claims the deal shows big companies can make and break rules at will.

“Our aim is for the High Court to declare that the agreement reached by HMRC with Goldman Sachs was unlawful. If we win our case it will send a clear message to HMRC – rich and powerful corporations must not make and break the rules,” the group said.

“At a time when the government is making huge, unjust cuts to public spending, the rich must pay their fair share.”

HMRC rejected the claims.

“We will strongly contest UK Uncut’s application for a judicial review when the case is heard. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate that we acted legally,” said a HMRC spokesperson.