Goldman pulls in $100m daily

<div>GOLDMAN&nbsp;Sachs traders in London and New York made revenues of more than $100m (&pound;58.8m) on 46 days during the past quarter and lost money on just two days, the bank revealed last night in a regulatory filing.<br /><br />As market conditions improved during the period, it comfortably beat its record of making $100m a day on 34 days in a quarter, set in the previous three months.<br /><br />The bank also revealed that&nbsp;the US government has grilled Goldman Sachs over its compensation practices and credit derivative instruments.<br /><br />Goldman said it was cooperating with the requests, which are tied to hot button debates that have captivated Wall Street and Washington.<br /><br />The government is seeking information about Goldman&rsquo;s credit default instruments amid a regulatory battle in Washington over such products.<br /><br />Credit derivatives have been blamed for exacerbating last year&rsquo;s near collapse of financial markets. Some lawmakers say trading in the instruments should be regulated.<br /><br />According to the regulatory filing, Goldman&rsquo;s board has also received several letters from shareholders about compensation.<br /><br />It said the letters have included demands that the board investigate compensation in recent years, begin recouping what some see as excessive compensation, and consider reforming pay practices.<br /><br />Last month, Goldman reported robust net earnings of $3.4bn for the second quarter, soon after repaying a $10bn bailout received from the US Treasury&rsquo;s Troubled Asset Relief Program (Tarp). So far this year Goldman has set aside $11.3bn for compensation.</div>