Gold surprise at hedge fund Christmas bash

TIS the season for the annual office Christmas party. Never an event to miss, and especially so for the employees of one particular City hedge fund, who will be pleasantly surprised when they sit down to their Christmas lunch this year.

The founder of online bullion delivery company Bullion By Post, Rob Halliday Stein, tells The Capitalist that he recently received a very unusual gift request: “A manager of a well known hedge fund requested ‘something special’ to put in the crackers for his bank’s annual Christmas bash this week”.

The answer? “I suggested 1g gold bars as they are about the size of a thumbnail,” said Halliday Stein.

Our generous hedge fund manager agreed to the golden gift suggestion, and promptly ordered 50 gold bars, at a cost of £50 per bar.

The Capitalist wonders what the rest of the lunch will be like if they are handing out gold bars in the crackers. Turkey covered in gold leaf? Twenty-four carat cake?

Let’s just hope there is no scrambling under the table when those bars go flying.