Global viewers tune in to see historic event

Julian Harris
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PEOPLE throughout the world turned their eyes on London yesterday, to observe the historic funeral of Baroness Thatcher.

The former Prime Minister’s international standing drew millions of viewers to her final journey, although terrorist atrocities in some countries understandably squeezed the ceremony down the news agenda.

Over 1,800 members of the global media were accredited for the funeral procession, with dignitaries from around 170 countries also being in attendance at St Paul’s Cathedral.

In the US channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox covered the event in bulletins, despite this week’s horrific bombing of the Boston marathon dominating American news. Similarly, a bomb blast in Bangalore was the main item on Indian news channels.

Coverage of Thatcher’s funeral was also extensive in some parts of Europe. In Denmark the TV 2 Nyhederne channel provided several days of coverage from London, with presenter Ulla Terkelsen reporting on the procession from Whitehall.

And in Poland, where Thatcher enjoys a high level of popularity, TVN24 – a rolling news channel – gave updates on the funeral throughout the day.