A global approach to managing your wealth

GOOD wealth management requires a holistic approach to your finances that coordinates everything from private banking to investments and even planning for retirement, ill-health and your children’s education.

For expatriates, who may be constantly relocating, this is just as important and can be even more difficult to achieve. You don’t want to end up with several policies across the world, which would be time-consuming to keep track of and manage effectively.

Offshore wealth management can provide expats with a portable solution that gives them
access to their finances wherever they happen to be living in the world. For example, life
insurance protection policies differ, but a global product will cover you wherever you are
and you have the flexibility to pay in a range of currencies.

Growing your wealth carefully and successfully can help you plan for your children’s education. You may not be able to send your children to the local schools if they don’t speak the language and good English schools can be expensive. Having an offshore plan allows for efficient provision for your kids’ schooling.

Expatriates are often busy people and filling out reams of forms is both boring and long-winded. Through its administration services, HSBC Offshore not only reduces the paperwork but it will also act as administrator as well as an intermediary. This gives you a single point of contact for your investment transactions, an easy way to transfer and consolidate your assets and personal internet banking allows you to view your portfolio online.

But good wealth management is also about having a personal relationship with your financial adviser. If you are an HSBC Premier customer then you have a dedicated international wealth manager, whose location would be dependent on your country of residence. They can help you select the best products from the global marketplace as well as structure your savings and investments for tax efficiency. If you are a customer of HSBC Offshore’s London or Jersey office, then you can speak to your manager via a webcam if you can’t manage a face-to-face meeting. Consolidating your wealth planning in to a portable, global product can make relocation much easier.

For more details about HSBC Bank International, go to www.offshore.hsbc.com or call +44 1534 616079.