<strong>&bull; Action on failing schools</strong><br />Michael Gove, the shadow schools secretary, promised that failing schools would be closed within 100 days of a Tory government assuming power, adding that teachers would also be given the power to restrain violent pupils to crack down on problem children.<br /><br /><strong>&bull; Police to name and shame</strong><br />Police services would be given the power to end the &ldquo;automatic privacy&rdquo; of criminals, by naming and shaming those who operate in local communities,&nbsp; under plans put forward by shadow justice secretary Dominic Grieve. The plan forms part of Tory promises to scrap the Human Rights Act.<br /><br /><strong>&bull; Alternative to IDcards</strong><br />Shadow home secretary Chris Grayling told a fringe meeting that he would replace the government&rsquo;s ill-fated IDcard scheme by modernising the existing passport database.<br /><br /><strong>&bull; Anti-terror response unit</strong><br />The Conservatives would create a Homeland Military Command, to act as a rapid response team in case of terrorist atrocities such as the one seen in Mumbai. The policy will be unveiled by shadow security minister and former intelligence chief Baroness Neville-Jones today.<br /><br /><strong>&bull; The 50p top income tax rate</strong><br />Shadow chancellor George Osborne confirmed that a Tory government would be unlikely to scrap the 50p top rate of tax for those earning above &pound;150,000, on taking office. He also said plans to cut inheritance tax would be put on ice for three years.