Q.The temperature keeps changing – how can I dress and wear a coat that leaves me more versatile to these fluctuations?

A.The weather has become more and more unpredictable so our wardrobe must be flexible. In winter, try a coat with detachable collar (fur or faux depending on your preference) – it provides extra warmth when the snow falls and your coat serves as a two in one. Layers are your friend so a chunky knit cardigan is very useful – it serves as an outer layer for a milder day and adds extra warmth under your coat for a frosty evening. Make sure you have some simple tunic dresses you can wear with tights to then belt and layer over leggings for a colder day. For footwear go for ankle boots rather than knee highs which can get too warm. Make your boots cosier when necessary with chunky leg warmers (stick to greys and blacks to avoid an overly 80s throwback). Get a selection of hats – you can keep a lot of heat in by wearing one and it is easily removed if the weather warms up!

Q.I've got some parties coming up this month. What are the dos and don'ts for winter party dressing? Are open-toe shoes allowed? What about woolly tights?

A.Open-toe shoes are certainly allowed, especially with the new variety of tights and stockings available, from sheer to opaque. Do tap into your inner 1920s flapper with a cream or grey stocking underneath a peep toe shoe. Do stick to seamless tights and keep your woolly ones (cosy but not so flattering) for daytime. If you’re very brave and have managed a winter sun holiday, do get your legs out like our New York counterparts. Don’t do it in the London snow unless you have door-to-door transport. Don’t shiver all night in a strapless dress – instead, wear a fabulous blazer or jacket to finish off your outfit rather than cover it up.