Get your company fit for Day Three

IS 30 July in your firm’s diary? London celebrated one year to the Olympic Games last Wednesday, but Day Three, on Monday 30 July 2012, is the critical date for business, when crowds of sports fans and the demands of a full working day will intersect for the first time. New research shows the banking and legal sectors are leading the way in Olympic preparedness, but every company needs to be ready to help keep London, and their own affairs, running smoothly.

According to research from London 2012 and Transport for London (TfL), sixty-five firms in the banking and finance sectors have already registered for Site-Specific Advice (SSA). This free service provides travel advice to businesses located in areas affected by the Games if they employ over 200 staff. The free one-to-one sessions include advice on planning staff business travel during busy periods, tips on maintaining service continuity and sharing best practice from firms that already have plans in place.

With less than a year to go, now is the time to plan. In the last six weeks, TfL has seen a 100 per cent increase in sign-ups for their advice service, but while banking, law and management consultancy firms collectively representing nearly a quarter of a million staff have signed up for SSA training, certain sectors, including recruitment and manufacturing, currently have only a single firm involved. Don’t leave it too late, or your staff will risk being the ones left at the back of the queue come Day Three.


42% of businesses have planned for the Olympics;

53% intend to, but have yet to start.

55% of businesses believe they are on track for the Olympics, up from

33% last year

In 2010, 56% of businesses said there was no need to plan for the Olympics; just

5% believe that now.

“Meticulous and early planning is key to getting the most out of the Games and I’d urge every business, big and small, to act now and get ready for London 2012.”
Boris Johnson,
Mayor of London

Source: Deloitte