Get glowing with Dr Duve’s Altitude Fix Facial


uve, as in duvet, is a bit of celebrity in his native Germany. All the rich men’s wives flock to him to keep them looking beautiful and preferably young for hubby. London wanted in on his special touch, including his famed laser jet peel (a tube that massages your face with high-pressure water) and we’ve had him for a over a year now, to great acclaim.

His latest raft of treatments has, naturally, created some excitement. Called the Spring/Summer super boost, the “menu” is centred around the jet peel and the application of Duve’s house creams.

I had the Altitude Fix Skin Treat, despite not having got off a chairlift or climbed Everest any time recently.

In fact, it’s targeted towards anyone who has recently been on a plane, which is most people who would be having such a facial.

The treatment didn’t feel as amazing as some, because much of it involves a therapist somewhat clammily rubbing lotions into your skin. I like a vigorous massage and lymphatic drainage approach, but I found that although the experience of the facial wasn’t precisely to my sensual taste, the results made it very much worth it.

There’s little way of saying “when I left, my skin glowed for days” in a new way, but that’s the case. I was peach-hued, smooth-faced and clear-eyed. First my face was cleansed and toned – so far, so predictable. Next came the Dr Duve exfoliator which certainly has some magic powers: my baby-faced look afterwards wasn’t down to the jet peel alone. The exfoliator is a curious mix of ruthlessness and softness: no pain, but a lot of gain. Next, the face is whooshed with the laser jet peel, first with healing sea water and then with the skin boosting waters. Finally, Herr Doctor’s Skin Boosting mask is applied carefully to the eye area to boost collagen and soothe any redness and irritation and finally, the eye area is given an anti-fatigue pressure point patting-down which soothes and rests the eye area, minimising the appearance of dark circles.

Price: £95 for one hour and available from FOUR London: To book, call 0207 297 9600