Get fit to hit the slopes

The snow motif doesn’t stop with the name of this course: each week’s session will be based on a new theme such as Snow Plough (the beginner’s technique – draining on the inner thigh) and Mont Blanc (referrs to more advanced techniques working glutes and calves). You’ll also be taught moves from the mogul jump to the racing squat to how to fall with minimum pain. Helps coordination and speed of reaction too. £15-£20 per session for members,

This network of PowerPlate studios offers a six-week ski fitness course that will ensure your legs will be strong enough to let you dance the night away after a hard day on the slopes. The course works your whole body in the first two weeks before focussing on the lower body with “dynamic and explosive movements” as well as core strengthening. Classes use medicine balls and resistance bands as well as the PowerPlate. The sessions are short but highly effective – before 10 minutes are up you’ll feel your quads and abdomen throbbing. Ski-Fit six week course (three sessions a week) is £325. To find a Good Vibes near you and sign up, go to www.goodvibes

Gyrotnonics strengthens and tones through circular whole-body movements. This light and airy studio in Ladbroke Grove is lorded over by Monica Zamora, a former prima ballerina, who helps you navigate the peculiar but brilliant range of equipment and in doing so, prepare your body for the flexibility and strength required by the slopes. It’s great for ankles, knee joints, hips, buttocks and – perhaps best of all – core stability, coordination and agility so those icy moguls won’t slip you up. Classes from £35. 70 Golborne Road W10 5PS. Tel: 020 8969 8907,

If you’re intent upon cardio fitness at altitude you won’t find a better workout than the one in the Third Space’s hypoxic chamber, which has reduced levels of oxygen, stimulating conditions at 7,000-9,000 feet. The Hypoxic 5 class takes you through circuits incorporating bikes, cross-trainer, rower and treadmills. Do this once a week in the month running up to your ski holiday and you’ll be amazed at your endurance on the piste. Free with membership. 13 Sherwood Street, W1F 7BR. Tel: 020 7439 6333,