General Motors and Honda team up to work on greener vehicles

City A.M. Reporter
GENERAL Motors and Honda will jointly develop hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles over the next seven years, the latest alliance in an industry-wide effort to cut the technology's costs and meet stricter global emissions rules.

The carmaking giants, which announced their partnership yesterday, will also develop a refueling infrastructure that will be crucial for consumer acceptance and the long-term viability of fuel-cell vehicles.

Fuel-cell vehicles are getting renewed attention this year as firms around the world race to meet emissions limits in China, Europe and the United States that are set to get tougher over the next 12 years.

GM and Honda said they will build on each other’s technology and share suppliers to lower the cost of fuel-cell vehicles, which are more expensive to build than electric cars.

“At GM, we believe in hydrogen fuel cell technology as one of several possible alternatives to more traditional forms of propulsion, to help reduce petroleum dependence,” GM vice chairman Steve Girsky said in his prepared remarks ahead of a press conference in New York.

“However, the cost of such technology has not come down as far as it must to become more commercially viable,” he added.