Gemstones, vibrations and pumpkin enzymes

SJAL is a new eco-luxury line from the States and it sounds, in all honesty, a little bit whacky. According to its bumph, it “integrates elements of Chinese, Tibetan, Ayurvedic, homeopathic and vibrational medicine, with the latest innovations in biotechnology and bio-osmotic power”. Not bad for a few pots of cream.

Nevertheless, it’s lovely stuff, free from all bad things (fillers, silicone, petroleum jelly), formulated with a hundred natural ingredients from all over the world and merged with, wait for it, “precious nano-minerals, including gold, silver and platinum, as well as gemstones.” Devoted followers include Jessica Biel, Sophie Dahl, Helena Christensen and Elle MacPherson.

And, now, me. Because though it penetrates deep, it feels like whipped cream as it goes on and disappears in lemony harmony as you rub.

The new facial combines Själ’s whole range, but the stars are the ultra-luxurious pearl enzyme exfoliating mask, with crushed pearls and mushroom, pomegranate and pumpkin enzyme, and the Kashmir Saphir perfecting mask, with Chinese herbs, silk extracts, blue lotus, sapphire, copper and chromium.

Best of all is the gemstone massage: the therapist takes a toolkit of cool quartz and other gem wands to your body, kneading your feet and attending to your pressure points. The stones are meant to impart balancing energy and I can vouch for how good they felt on the skin. This, combined with the facial treatment, ensured I looked like a girl of 17 when I walked out and fresh as a daisy, too. One of the satisfying most full-body experiences I’ve had in a spa in a while.