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Alone in the Dark (1992)
The original horror puzzler. The memory of being chased down a long, candle-lit corridor by a ghostly creature still makes me shudder. Alone in the Dark perfectly struck the balance between suspense and action. A classic for a reason.

Doom (1993)
Wolfenstein may have come before it but Doom perfected the formula. It was the first jump-out-of-your-skin shoot-em-up and it still influences gaming today. The sounds of demons groaning in the distance was creepy as all hell.

Ecstatica (1994)
If Doom was a slasher horror then Ecstatica was a surreal psychological thriller. It created an atmosphere of impending terror despite being constructed entirely of bulbous spheres. Make sure the wolf doesn’t catch you...

Dead Space (2008)
One of the few first person shooters of the last few years that can truly be called a horror classic. This Alien-inspired space odyssey not only makes you jump – it sends your heart racing and palms sweating every time you open a door.