Gadgets, technology and luxury on the waves

Watch out Roman, there’s about to be a new superyacht in town – literally. The Big Fish, a remarkable boat that’s designed equally for adventure on the high seas as it is for sitting in the marinas of Monaco and Mustique, will be appearing on the Thames tomorrow, mooring at Butler’s Wharf next door to HMS Belfast for a few daysto entice prospective buyers. As well as every kind of luxury amenity, including anti-slip granite decking, a gym, an audiovisual atrium with a 22-foot high video wall and Jacuzzis and bars galore, it’s kitted out with its own submarine and scientific lab. If you haven’t got the £27m or more needed to buy it, you can rent it for a week – that only costs around £120,000.

It looks like one more, common-or-garden laptop, but Samsung’s newly-announced notebook is designed specifically for gamers. The Series 7 Gamer is stuffed with features gaming fans will love, including a 3D 17.3 inch HD display (it shops with 3D glasses) and an Intel Core i7 Quad Core processor for speedy performance. There’s also an extra 8GB of flash memory on the motherboard. £1,499