Gadgets to help you get groomed

Timothy Barber
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SITTING around with sensors clamped to your face emitting tingly vibrations may not be a great look (particularly in an office, let me tell you), but it just might make you better looking.

That’s the proposition anyway with the Slendertone, a gizmo that’s intended to tone your facial muscles and tighten the skin, and which is aimed at male users. Creams, lotions and a healthy lifestyle are no longer the only options for looking your best – tech-heads can fall back on highly-engineered gadgetry too.

1 Silk’n Reju – This uses heat radiation and “optical energy” to make skin look fresher and less wrinkly.

£249 from

2 Slendertone Male Face – The Slendertone uses electrical stimulation to tone muscles in the face. Find it in Harrods’ suave Gentlemen’s Lounge.


3 Remmingon MB450 USB Beard Trimmer – Perfect for the busy traveller, this beard trimmer can be powered through your laptop via a USB connection.

£35.99 from

4 Panasonic ES8249 Pro-Curve Wet and Dry shaver – One of the most highly-engineered electric shavers around. £193 from