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IT’S four decades since the launch of the first digital watch, and the technology is about to take its next big leap forward. Thanks to the proliferation of e-readers and touchscreen devices, those old liquid crystal digital displays now look about as up-to-date as tartan bell-bottoms. It was only a matter of time before watch producers started incorporating the new tech, and fast out of the blocks is Seiko with its Active Matrix EPD, launching next month.

The letters EPD stand for Electrophoretic Display – more simply known as electronic ink, and the same technology by which e-readers get their crystal clear graphics. It’s all to do with negatively and positively-charged white and black microcapsules suspended in fluid, as it happens. From that you get a display of 300 dpi clarity, on a four-shade grey scale.

Seiko hasn’t just left it at that though. The watch is also connected via radio wave to the world’s atomic clock stations. When in signal, it can be accurate to, well, one second in every 30 million years. And the self-recharging solar battery doesn’t ever have to be changed.

It may be pointing the way to the future for digital watches, but the Active Matrix EPD also references the past in its retro-tinged design and old-school bracelet. It’s one classy piece of kit, no question.

The EPD will come in stainless steel, stainless steel with gold-tone coating and stainless steel with black coating.

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