Gaddafi still free in Libya

HEAVY fighting continued between Libyan rebels and regime loyalists across Tripoli last night as the hunt for Muammar Gaddafi went on without success.

Two days after his compound was overrun, rebels focused their attention on a tower block believed to be holding the still-defiant Libyan leader while others moved house to house to try to find him or his sons.

Gaddafi continued to broadcast messages through a sympathetic television channel, while well-armed loyalist troops kept rebels at bay across the capital.

Elsewhere in Libya, the National Transitional Council announced that it was to move its base to Tripoli from Benghazi.

The council’s official for oil and finances, Ali Tarhouni, said it hoped to restart exports of oil from the country within two or three months, reaching full volumes of about 1.6m barrels per day in about a year.

United Nations diplomats also announced that the US and South Africa had struck a deal to allow the release of $1.5bn (£911m) in frozen funds for humanitarian aid and civilian needs. South Africa had blocked the UN sending the aid as the African Union, heavily funded by Gaddafi, is yet to formally recognise the NTC.