Fujitsu to roll out fibre internet to rural Britain

Fujitsu has announced plans to deliver next generation internet services to 5m homes in rural Britain.

It says it will provide the infrastructure and work with broadband providers including Virgin Media and TalkTalk, which will wholesale its fibre.

Fujitsu says the network is a “ground breaking and innovative alternative to BT Openreach.”

The open access wholesale network will be underpinned by Cisco technology. Fujitsu says it will run fibre optic cabling directly to the home in the majority of areas, rather than to the local street cabinet. As a result the network will be capable of speeds of up to 1Gbps from day one, with the potential to achieve speeds of over 10Gbps.

It will be deployed across both underground and overhead infrastructure, meaning it will be possible to reach areas where broadband provision is poorest.