Froch sorry as board probes threat to kill

Frank Dalleres
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BRITAIN’S Carl Froch has apologised for threatening to kill Mikkel Kessler when he defends his IBF super-middleweight title tomorrow at the 02, but could yet face action for his comments.

The British Boxing Board of Control (BBBC) expressed its disappointment with Froch’s outburst and promised to “deal with it accordingly”, but said it would not halt the fight.

Froch attempted to calm the furore over his comments by writing on Twitter: “I’m sorry if my comments offended anyone. This fight means so much to me and emotions are running high. See you at the weigh-in.”

The Nottingham fighter, 35, and Kessler, 34, had been thought of as friends since their first bout in 2010, when the Dane won on points in Copenhagen.

But Froch told reporters on Wednesday: “On Saturday night, if I have to, I will kill [him]. It sounds brutal, it sounds horrible, but this is what it means to me. I’m going to leave it in the ring. And when I’m smashing his face in, I am going to go for the kill. I am going to go for the finish.”

BBBC general secretary Robert Smith said he had spoken to Froch’s manager and promoter about the remarks and called the pressure of an eagerly anticipated rematch “no excuse”.

“They are very uncharacteristic from Carl, who is usually a very well-behaved and measured young man. We are surprised and disappointed in his comments,” Smith added.

“It is a difficult time two or three days before the fight and he is right on edge. But being highly strung at the moment is no excuse. Carl is a decent young man and he is well aware that he shouldn’t have said it.”

Former super-middleweight king Joe Calzaghe, one of only two men to beat Kessler, expects Froch to prevail in his rematch. He said: “The guy who wants revenge has always got that little bit extra to try and prove themselves.”