Fresh talks fail to make a new Italian coalition

City A.M. Reporter
ITALIAN centre-left leader Pier Luigi Bersani was left with only slim hope of forming a government yesterday, as talks with rival party leaders ended with a further rejection from Beppe Grillo’s 5-Star Movement.

Bersani said “only a mentally ill person” would want his job yesterday, after discussions reached another impasse.

Without an agreement, the country could be headed for fresh elections, adding to the uncertainty facing the Eurozone, which is battling to contain the crisis in Cyprus.

The rebuff by 5-Star was expected as the anti-establishment group has always said it will not back the parties it blames for Italy’s social and economic crisis.

Bersani said he would report to President Giorgio Napolitano today and called on all parties to “accept their responsibilities” and allow a government to be formed, but there was little sign of movement from the other parties.

The main marker of investor confidence, the spread between Italian 10-year bonds and their safer German counterparts, has widened sharply this week.