Free wireless internet coming to Canary Wharf this summer

CANARY Wharf will be served by free Wi-Fi internet by the end of the summer, mobile operator O2 will announce today.

O2 will install the network across the area’s four shopping centres in the coming months, and says it expects 1.2m people to connect to the service every week.

It said that anyone will be able to log on to the Wi-Fi network, rather than just O2 customers, and that the move will come as a boon to businesses and workers in the area. O2 launched free Wi-Fi across Kensington and Chelsea last summer, while BSkyB’s The Cloud service introduced unlimited free wireless internet in The City at the end of last year.

“This ground-breaking deal... will see us deliver high-quality, free connectivity to the UK’s busiest business district,” O2’s Gavin Franks said. “We understand that access to free public Wi-Fi is becoming a right rather than a privilege and nowhere is the demand greater than in Canary Wharf.”