Francois Hollande hits the election trail in London

FRANCOIS Hollande met with fellow left wing leader Ed Miliband in London yesterday after Cameron, who publicly backs Sarkozy, denied him a meeting.

The French socialist presidential candidate touched down in the city ahead of the election, scheduled for 22 April and 6 May, to woo the 400,000 or so French citizens who live in London.

Hollande said the purpose of his visit was “to say that finance must be in the service of the economy to create wealth and not to enrich itself on the real economy.”

He said: “I go to the European countries to meet with those who are closest to my own approach”.

But Miliband refused to concur with Hollande’s proposals of a 75 per cent tax rate for incomes over €1m, confirming the Labour Party’s policy would not go above a maximum tax rate of 50 per cent.