France deserved three points, says Evra

FRANCE defender Patrice Evra insisted his side deserved to beat England last night and accused Roy Hodgson’s men of adopting negative tactics.

The spiky Manchester United full-back drew unflattering comparisons between England’s approach and that of Chelsea in their Champions League defeat of Barcelona.

“I think we played much better than England, but in the end it was a draw and we are a bit frustrated,” said Evra. “At times it was like there were 15 bodies on the pitch. They played in the way Chelsea played Barcelona.”

Coach Laurent Blanc blamed his side’s sluggish start for their failure to win and admitted he hoped this would improve. He said: “England were excellent for the first 20 minutes. We took a while to get into the game and, as ever, we were punished.

“Perhaps it was inexperience but we didn’t start the game as we’d hoped to. Had we not reacted we could have lost this game. I hope that doesn’t happen again. In the next game, we have to get into it right from the outset.”

France face joint hosts Ukraine in Donetsk in their next match on Friday, when England travel to Kiev to play Sweden.