Four years of turbulence in business life

<strong>SPONSOR&rsquo;S LETTER</strong><br /><br />In the four years since it was launched, City A.M. has reported on the highs and lows of a remarkably turbulent period in the business world.<br />There has been no shortage of crises to cover and trends to examine.<br /><br />No-one in September 2005 would have predicted the extraordinary events in economic history that we have witnessed subsequently &ndash; events that City A.M. has covered with flair and accessibility. <br /><br />Few have been immune from the ill winds that have blown like a hurricane through the business world, and certainly not companies within aviation.<br />Like the rest of the airline industry, British Airways has experienced the most difficult trading conditions in its history.<br /><br />But we are tackling the effects of the downturn, and getting ourselves in shape to achieve sustainable profitability in the long-term.<br /><br />And despite the economic gloom, we continue to invest in new products and services for the benefit of our customers.<br /><br />Nowhere is that more true than at London City airport, which is a familiar location for many readers of City A.M.<br /><br />Three weeks ago we launched the first long-haul route in the airport&rsquo;s history. Our twice-daily business class-only service to New York links the world&rsquo;s two business capitals in the most time-efficient and productive manner available.<br /><br />This exciting new route is designed with business travelers in mind, offering the only inflight connectivity to the internet on UK-US flights and pre-clearance of US Customs and Immigration at Dublin&rsquo;s Shannon &ndash; as well as the convenience of a 15-minute check-in at London City. <br /><br />The Docklands airport has also seen the first arrival of the 11 new Embraer aircraft for our BA CityFlyer services to 10 destinations in the UK and Europe.<br /><br />This new generation of short-haul aircraft will offer passengers unrivalled levels of space and comfort on board and will fly exclusively from London City.<br /><br />And like the two new Airbus A318s on the New York service, the Embraers are more fuel efficient and have significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions than the aircraft they replace.<br /><br />We are serious about climate change, which is why I recently called on world leaders to support an unprecedented agreement between airlines, aircraft manufacturers, airports and air navigation providers which sets a target of reducing the industry&rsquo;s net carbon emissions by 50 per cent by 2050.<br /><br />We can&rsquo;t be afraid of seizing opportunities around us. We need to be bold and brave to survive and prosper.<br /><br />City A.M. has also taken its opportunities. A thousand issues on, it has shown it has the drive and determination to succeed. We wish it well in the years ahead.