Former WH Ireland directors make decision to exit quietly

FORMER WH Ireland directors Laurie Beevers and David Youngman yesterday ended their public squabble with the stockbroking firm&rsquo;s board by resigning from the company.<br /><br />Beevers and Youngman are thought to have decided to step down quietly in order to avoid a prolonged investigation into the events leading up to merger talks between WH Ireland and rival Blue Oar, which were abandoned in April.<br /><br />The duo disagreed with the decision to walk away from the deal and are thought to have continued talking to Blue Oar&rsquo;s owner Evolve Capital after official discussions were terminated.<br /><br />Just a week after their suspension, they sold 5.36 per cent of their combined stake in the firm to Evolve.<br /><br />It is unclear whether Beevers and Youngman plan to sell on their remaining 11 per cent stake, which some shareholders have suggested could tip the balance in favour of Evolve launching a counter-bid for the firm.<br /><br />WH Ireland yesterday declined to comment on the reasons behind the pair&rsquo;s departure.<br /><br />Beevers could not be reached for comment.