Former trader tells colleagues how to be happy

A FORMER Goldman Sachs bond trader is teaching the Square Mile – and the world – the secret to an easy life through a series of happiness consultancies.

Andrew Stead, who traded bonds at Goldman Sachs for almost 10 years, now runs regular workshops for stressed out City types, from hedge funds to law firms, offering “practical techniques through which to achieve happiness and wellbeing.”

So what is the secret to happiness? Stead told The Capitalist that“breathing, body relaxation and physical exercise” are key. Stead teaches not only Square Mile clients, but the masses too, and held a “What Price is Your Happiness?” workshop in the capital yesterday.

He has even returned to his old Goldman stomping grounds to offer the wellness workshops. But do busy bankers have time for lunchtime breathing? Stead reported that the lawyers were most open to his methods, but “even talking about it” was a stress-busting step in the right direction.