Former RBSchair McKillop takes board role at pharma firm UCB

SIR Tom McKillop, the former chairman of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has been appointed to the board of UCB, a large biopharmaceutical company which is listed in Brussels, it emerged yesterday.

McKillop was one of the four bank executives who was publicly blamed for his role in the near-collapse of RBS.

He was hired to the UCB board as an independent director earlier this month but the appointment went unnoticed.

McKillop, 66, is a trained chemist and was chief executive of AstraZeneca before joining RBS.

UCB operates in 40 countries and had global revenue of more than €3bn (£2.7bn) last year.

Since RBS and HBOS nearly collapsed, their top executives have had mixed fortunes.

Andy Hornby, the former HBOS chief executive, has landed on his feet as the chief executive of Alliance Boots, owner of Boots The Chemist.

Lord Stevenson, HBOS’s chairman at the time that it had to be rescued, has kept a low profile,

Sir Fred Goodwin, the notorious former RBS chief executive, has until recently ben in self-imposed exile in France, but recently returned to Britain.