Former AIG chief lied in court, alleges the insurer's lawyer

<div>MAURICE &ldquo;Hank&rdquo; Greenberg, former chief executive of American International Group (AIG), fabricated documents and lied under oath in a bid to cloud who is the rightful beneficiary of over $4.3bn (&pound;2.6bn) from stock sales, AIG lawyer Ted Wells told a jury yesterday.<br /><br />Wells said Greenberg&rsquo;s assertions at trial that the stock was intended for a charitable trust was an attempt to cover up a pledge made 35 years earlier.<br /><br />AIG says Starr International, a private firm once affiliated to the insurer, established a trust to fund a retirement plan in the 1970s. But he said Greenberg and other Starr voting shareholders abandoned the compensation plan in 2005 within days of Greenberg&rsquo;s ousting from the insurer. The case continues.</div>