Forget hotels – live it up in the flat of your dreams


ou’re on holiday, there are few places in the world better to hang your hat than a luxury hotel. But if you’re a regular business traveller, hotels can be a soul-crushing reminder that you’re a rootless member of the 21st century workforce, eking out your existence in a series of increasingly similar rooms, no matter what corner of the globe you happen to be in.

If that sounds familiar, it might be time to entertain the idea of checking into an apartment, instead. The Lauren Berger Collection is a network of self-owned and co-managed luxury properties – 175 over 16 countries – aimed at the discerning business traveller.

Whether you are flying into Shanghai or Paris, there is a fully equipped apartment waiting for you at the other end, complete with shelves full of books, well appointed kitchens and terraces big enough to host an Oscars party on.

Berger hand-picks the properties in her collection, ensuring they are in keeping with the city they are located in. She says: “It’s important that each and every property within the collection has a sense of both style and location – if you are in New York, you should feel that you are in New York, the same with London or Paris. I don’t accept anything other than perfection when I am travelling, and this is the ethos for the whole business.”

As well as providing luxury pads, a reservation also includes a concierge service – you can even request the fridge be stocked to your specifications before you arrive, meaning no tedious trips to the supermarket to pick up groceries.

Prices vary from the reasonable (£175 a night on the Avenue d’Iéna in Paris) to the astronomical (£750 for a high-end New York property). But once you are settled in, stereo turned up to 11, a few international jet-setting friends over for drinks, you’ll be glad you decided to ditch the hotel and live it up in the flat of your dreams.

Most city properties are available to rent by the night. Log on to, email or call 001 239 362 0823.


New York – Central Park
A selection of spacious one, two and three bedroom apartments located at Essex House on Central Park South. It offers an award winning restaurant, gym facilities and 24 hour room service and has spectacular views over Central Park. From $800 a night.

Paris – Avenue d'Iéna
Situated in one of the city's most impressive buildings – the former home of Prince Roland Bonaparte – the apartments offer unrivalled views over central Paris. A wide selection of family homes in and around Paris are also available. Prices from £175 a night.

New York – Mercedes House
This contemporary building in the heart of Manhattan offers modernist designed apartments, with floor to ceiling windows. All the apartments have contemporary kitchens and dining areas, laundry facilities and access to concierge services. From $750 a night.

Greenwich, CT
Home to the greatest concentration of hedge funds in the US (hence the nickname Upper Hedgistan) Greenwich, CT, is just forty minutes drive from Manhattan. This three bedroom, 4000 sq ft house has beautiful grounds and is available from $1,200 a night.

London — Primrose Hill
Close to transport links and Regents Park/Parliament Hill, the apartments range from one bedroom affairs to larger apartments complete with garden. All are interior designed to a high standard with nice personal touches. From £175-£275 a night.