Ford in July sales uptick

BELEAGUERED US carmaker Ford said last night it sold more cars in July than the same month last year, its first year-on-year sales rise since November 2007.<br /><br />The group will today become the first major US automaker to report a sales rise since the financial crisis kicked off, thanks to a surge of orders under the US government&rsquo;s &ldquo;cash for clunkers&rdquo; scrappage scheme.<br /><br />The result is &ldquo;important to Ford, but it is also a very good indication for the economy,&rdquo; said Ford&rsquo;s US sales chief Ken Czubay.<br /><br />&ldquo;It was a deep hole that the entire economy was in. We may not be out of the hole, but we are seeing very encouraging signs in July,&rdquo; he added.<br /><br />He said he wasn&rsquo;t sure if the scheme benefited bankrupt rivals Chrysler and General Motors in July, but Ford has seen &ldquo;a substantial increase in business and that kicked&rdquo; in a welcome sales uptick.