<strong>PERFECT THOSE CARVING SKILLS </strong><br />Roast turkey may be a central part of the Christmas experience, but it can be ruined by bad carving. Just in time, Sloane Square&rsquo;s historic department store, Peter Jones, is coming to the aid of inexperienced carvers with a couple of carving tutorial sessions next month. Head Chef Chris Mclean will be demonstrating the art of carving turkey, duck and the ultimate Christmas roast, the bird-within-a-bird engastration roast. 5 and 12 Dec, Peter Jones (kitchen dept), Sloane Square, SW1W 8EL. No prior booking required.<br /><br /><strong>FREE PORRIDGE ON SOUTHBANK</strong><br />If you&rsquo;re heading out Christmas shopping on Saturday morning, stop by Giraffe restaurant on Southbank where free porridge from organic food company Rude Health will be handed out. There&rsquo;ll also be a competition for the best homemade porridge recipes. Giraffe, Riverside Level 1, SE1 8XX. Tel: 020 7928 2004<br /><br /><strong>LUXURIOUS CHRISTMAS LUNCH ON A BUDGET</strong><br />As well as terrific oysters, Bentley&rsquo;s is a first rate place for an office Christmas lunch. Particularly interesting in these straitened times is the chance to occupy the smart private dining space, the Jameson Room (it has its own bar open until 3am) for meals of just &pound;37.50 per person throughout December. 11-15 Swallow Street, W1B 4DG. Tel: 020 7758 4141