Flaks fix up and look sharp in three minutes

WITH all the furore surrounding the casual attire of David Cameron and other leaders at the recent G8 summit, The Capitalist was surprised to learn that one pioneering group of financial spinners have taken the dressed down policy of Cameron and co to a whole new level.

Spinners at Cubitt moved on Monday from their old residence behind the Bank of England to new quarters in Somerset House – and founder Simon Brocklebank-Fowler used the change of address as an opportunity to introduce a new dress code too.

It is suits for meeting clients – or “full dress when on deck in the face of allies and enemies” as Brocklebank-Fowler put it. But otherwise “I don’t care what they’re wearing, they can wear nothing at all if they want” he told The Capitalist yesterday.

However, having installed an old maritime bell in the new digs, the former diplomat does have one rule:

“When I ring it everyone has to be changed into a suit and tie within three minutes sharp.”

Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase quick smart.