Five-year peak in adverts for new workers

ONE OF the UK’s largest jobs websites has registered strong growth in the number of positions opening up between April and May, with a jump of eight per cent.

The index, compiled by displayed an improvement in the vast majority of sectors, with a decrease in financial services marked out as one of the few sectors where fewer positions were advertised than in May 2012.

The number of new jobs was particularly encouraging in the capital, where there were 14 per cent more vacancies advertised than there were 12 months earlier.

The survey follows trends from over 10,000 recruiting firms in the UK. Their most recent figures are the best ever recorded by the site.

Despite positive news on new available posts, salaries are still stagnant according to the site. Overall, wages have not risen for four years. As inflation has continuously run above the two per cent target, household budgets have been squeezed.

Salaries in finance remain below the level they saw in late 2009, while banking pay rose slightly.

The picture for income is broadly the same around the country, with only Yorkshire and Humberside reaching pay levels recorded three and a half years ago.