Five tips to help you get your beach body

Laura Williams
If the fact you’re going to be baring all in a couple of weeks has completely slipped your mind, fret not. There’s still time to tackle your 2012 tum.

1) Splash out on a Swiss ball. Whether or not you’ll resemble an Olympian in fourteen days is debatable, but a Swiss ball is the perfect bit of kit to tone everything from biceps to bum. The Swiss Ball crunch is considered to be the single most effective abs exercise, so even if you’re only after a flatter looking tum, forget the lotions and potions and buy yourself one of these oversized exercise balls.

2) Control your carbs. While carbs won’t make you fat – quite the contrary actually – they do absorb water, so if you eat fewer starchy carbs like bread and pasta when you’re away, it’s quite possible you’ll minimise tummy bloating. You could try sticking to a lower carb diet during the day on holiday and then load up rice, veggies and fruit at night when you can hide behind a maxi dress/oversized shirt.

3) Include some intervals. New research has found that running at 50 per cent intensity, stopping then resting before running fast to exhaustion maximises fat loss more than other types of high intensity interval training.

4) Max out your metabolism. Boosting your metabolic rate is an excellent way to help you to burn more calories than you’re consuming, which will help you to shift pounds quick. There are many ways to increase your metabolism from eating spicy foods to taking ice cold baths to tough, high intensity workouts like bootcamp sessions and/or lifting heavy weights. Combining all of the above will help you ditch unwanted flab pretty darn quick.

5) Create a contingency. If all else fails, have a back-up plan consisting of body shaping swimwear and skin smoothing cream. If you end up taking this somewhat depressing route, at least aim to drop a few pounds on holiday by eating lots of fruit and salads and playing a lot of games of frisbee.