Five London sides in ticket price top six

City A.M. study: Man Utd only non-capital club costlier than Fulham and West Ham

FIVE of the six highest season ticket prices in the Premier League are charged by London clubs, a study of the cost of watching football in the capital by City A.M. reveals today.

Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham offer the most expensive regular season tickets in the top flight, while the only other team to eclipse Fulham and West Ham’s highest-priced seats are champions Manchester United.

Premier League newcomers Crystal Palace are the only London outfit not in the top six highest prices, but their most expensive season ticket will still set fans back more than at eight sides from the same division.

London fans can also pay a premium lower down the leagues, with the cheapest regular season ticket at Championship club Millwall costing more than at three top-flight teams.

Arsenal’s most expensive regular season ticket costs £1,955 for 26 matches – equivalent to £75.20 per game as, unlike most clubs, Arsenal include seven cup fixtures.

That is almost £10 per game more than at Chelsea; at least 50 per cent more than at all but two other clubs; and more than triple the most expensive season ticket at two Premier League teams.

Chelsea’s most expensive regular season ticket is £1,250, or £65.80 per match – more than twice as much as at eight sides from the same division.

Tottenham charge more than Chelsea for their costliest season ticket, at £1,895, but two inclusive cup fixtures make it £90.24 per game. United’s is £950 or £50 per match.

Analysis of the cheapest regular season ticket on offer at clubs produces similar conclusions, with Chelsea (£39.50 per game) and Arsenal (£37.90) occupying the bottom two spots.

West Ham are 16th for cheapest regular season ticket at £620. Fulham are fifth at £399 and Palace ninth at £490.


Most expensive season ticket

1. Tottenham £1,895 / £90.24 per game

2. Arsenal £1,955 / £75.20 per game

3. Chelsea £1,250 / £65.80 per game

4. Man Utd £950 / £50 per game

5. Fulham £939 / £49.20 per game

6. West Ham £880 / £46.30 per game