Laura Williams
A washboard stomach in five steps...

YOU glance down and your tummy resembles a washbag more than a washboard... Don’t fret – the task ahead isn’t as daunting as you think.

Break into a sweat
You do have a washboard stomach really – it’s just that it’s currently hiding beneath at least one layer of fat. Lowering your overall levels of body fat is achieved by taking more aerobic exercise such as running, spinning or swimming and by counting your calories (yawn).

Get muscle savvy
It’s time to know your internal obliques from your transversus abdominus – you have all sorts of abdominal muscles that need to be trained in a variety of ways to tackle everything from that stubborn pot belly to your love handles.

Pilates isn’t just for girls.
Once you discover those deep abdominal muscles, you’re laughing. The closest thing to a quick fix for your tum, Pilates targets the deep abdominal muscles, which act as a corset among other things (so you don’t need to resign yourself to Spanx For Him just yet).

Don’t commit the six-pack sins
Doing crunches wrong, failing to ramp up your abs routine and making the mistake of thinking you can eat what you like will give you a tum any darts player would be proud of, rather than Brad Pitt’s “Troy” abs.

Perfect your posture
Look slimmer in an instant by adjusting the way you stand. Stand tall from the waist with your pelvis in its neutral position (not tucked under so you’re slouching, or arched so your bum’s sticking out) and your tum gently pulled in. Relax your shoulders and keep your chin parallel with the floor (check your reflection sideways on in the mirror to see if you’re getting it right).