Laura Williams

DIET-to your-door. Even in the current economic climate, demand for diet meal delivery services is on the rise. We’re a time-poor, nutritionally-savvy city of workers who want to maintain our waistline – but not to the detriment of our health (and rightly so). So what’s the very best in meals-on-wheels the city has to offer?

For those food purists who want to cleanse themselves and lose an awful lot of weight at the same time, Nosh does a great line in juice and raw food plans – choose from the juice fast or their signature ABC plan which allows you to eat “real” food too. Enjoy their Morning Sunshine Smoothie and feel the weight drop off as you feast on vegetable and tofu stir fries. From £32.95 per day.

Probably London’s most popular diet delivery service, Pure Package manages to create good-sized meals that are tasty but still enable you to lose weight at the same time. A typical day’s eating on the Weight Loss package may include a fruit, nut and seed bar; Thai chicken noodle salad and spiced swordfish with black bean salsa. From £29.95 a day.

DietChef is the no-frills diet delivery service for those who want to drop a dress size in time for LBD season without breaking the bank. Choose from chicken curry, pork and beef meatballs and snack on signature chocolate chip GI biscuits. From £5.50 per day,

Jenny Craig has come to the UK! The phenomenally successful US weight loss programme doesn’t just deliver food to your door, you also get a weight management coach with weekly one-to-one phone consultations to help you stay on track. Start the day with golden syrup porridge and finish with pearl barley and asparagus risotto. From £9.90 a day,