Laura Williams

So you ignored the headlines a few weeks ago giving you your Little Black Dress countdown. Now you’re faced with the prospect of sporting backless, strapless numbers for the next five weeks. What’s a girl to do? Act sharpish, I say. I’ve researched (yes, I’ve been the human guinea pig) for the best quick-fixes out there and there’s something for everyone...

Normally I’d run a mile from anything with the word cleanse in the title but as this didn’t sound either too dangerous or high maintenance, I thought I’d give it a go. As for how it works, I need to be delicate about this (I’m aware some of you may be munching your morning muffin as you read this). The 14-Day Acai Berry Cleanse is a course of tablets that helps to improve the functioning of your digestive system (and get rid of “old matter,” sorry). Well, it wasn’t too invasive and yes, I felt lighter. Worth a go for a flatter looking tum definitely. From

We love one of these every now and then. The one I picked seems to be all the rage with the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Kirsten Dunst – and it’s definitely got celeb written all over it. The pH balancing diet involves eating just alkaline foods such as green leafy veg, white meat, oily fish, and pulses galore, and drinking a special green juice (Lifestream’s Organic Barley & Wheat Grass Powder in water, you can see why the celebs might gravitate towards this). Anyway, I’m not sure of the science of this one (I believe the body has perfectly good buffering systems in place to balance out acidity issues) but I did feel good on it. It’s not a long term plan for me because all my favourite naughties are off the menu but it’s very healthy, safe and it does enable you to drop a few pounds pretty quick. Available from