Laura Williams

If you’re looking to rock your Christmas tux, or slide into your salopettes without a hint of Stella belly, you’ll need to work. Here’s how:

Opt for high-energy workouts. In a study at Duke University in the US, 30 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise (the type where you’re sweaty and out of breath, e.g. running, spinning etc, rather than lifting weights) performed four times a week was found to reduce visceral fat, the type of fat most often found in the abdominal area, and the sort that poses a greater risk to health.

Befriend the fibre
Although there is no diet as such that specifically targets tum fat, a high-fibre diet has been shown to reduce visceral fat levels over time. And if you embrace fibre-rich foods like pulses, bran flakes, beans on toast and dried fruit, these will help you to feel fuller for longer too.

Choose breakfast wisely
Try having a high protein, high fibre breakfast to, a) prevent you overeating at lunch, and b) kickstart your metabolism for the day. If you could face an omelette with some metabolism boosting red pepper, you’re in business; failing that, consider low fat yoghurt topped with high fibre cereal.

Delay gratification
The Marshmallow Study is back! The findings of the 1972 Stanford University behavioural study (where children were offered a marshmallow but promised two if they could resist eating it) is making a comeback due to the link between impulse, self control and obesity. So how does this relate to you and your tux? Simple. Work that delayed gratification principle! Fancy a blowout in the Indian on Friday night? Pause, resist fattening extras like naans and vats of Cobra and focus instead of sporting that tux Daniel Craig-style.