Laura Williams

IN an attempt to get us all to move more, Olympic equipment provider TechnoGym has joined forces with Team GB in the Our Greatest Team campaign – part of the 2012 project that aims to bridge the gap between those elite athletes and us mere mortals, and so to create a Games legacy.

Announced at Leisure Industry Week in September, the scheme will involve 5,000 universities, schools, leisure centres and fitness clubs taking part in a project that will see them become a network of “Pledge Community Hubs”. The campaign will come complete with mobile phone apps for the gadget-fans among you so you can upload and monitor your achievements.

Now. Although the scheme doesn’t kick off properly until January, it’s never too soon to get cracking on making your pledge...or at least on making a pledge wishlist. And it can be whatever you like – your pledge can be simple, ambitious, or even a bit sassy.
Here are some fitness-friendly ideas:

Try a foxy new class to limber up for the Christmas party. That could be Zumba, salsa or even give your prospective mistletoe-mate a treat by trying a pole dancing class or two.

Improve your golf swing in the New Year. Practising rotational core moves on your gym’s TechnoGym’s Kinesis One machine will strengthen both internal and external oblique muscles, giving you the edge over your opponent when it comes to thrashing handicaps in the Spring.

Get active with the family once a week. This might involve an obligatory Sunday post-roast walk, or a higher-octane outing to the local paintballing site.

Climbing 20 flights of stairs a day (thereby burning off two fingers of Kit Kat, or a slice of toast, or half a pint).

Complete a running challenge. For the inactive among you, try entering a charity race in the New Year; experienced runners, try setting yourself a new PB goal and commit to training for it like an athlete come rain or shine .

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