Laura Williams

IF the prospect of another year of BodyPump leaves you grimacing into your protein shake, check out our guide to the best new classes for 2011.

1. ROXY SNO FIT WORKOUT: Brought to you by Virgin Active health clubs, this class is designed to get you winter sports enthusiasts in shape for that skiing trip. Professional snowboarder Lesley McKenna helped to devise the workout which focuses on strengthening the lower body in order to prevent aching muscles and injury on the slopes (

2. THUG WORKOUT: Trust Gymbox to bring us a class whose name forces you to do a double take. This new fitness offering is billed as a “hardcore strength and conditioning workout from the streets”. The workout uses Gymbox’s own indoor park frames for chin ups, dips and Olympic Rings, and employs calisthenics (exercises using your own body weight) to burn fat and build muscles (

3. CREW CLASSES: Perfect for those who want a short, sharp burst of exercise in their lunch hour, these are led by LA’s coaches who “recruit” groups of five or six people to do a blast of interval training lasting between just five and 10 minutes. Choose from the Perfect Pins or Trim Tummies workout, if you’re hoping
to get bikini-fit asap (

4. POWERPLINING: The guys at Good Vibes power plate studios (studios in Liverpool St and Covent Garden) claim they are “as far removed from the corporate gym experience as is possible”. And PowerPlining is a PowerPlate class with a difference – alternating between the Power Plate and a mini
trampoline, this class promises to have you jumping for joy and burning über cals (up to 400-500 in 25 minutes).

5. TRONJITSU: Coinciding with the launch of new video game Tron, Gymbox has designed a ne.0an acrobatics) and capoeira (Afro-Brazilian discipline combing martial arts and dance) moves from the game. A high-intensity workout that lasts an hour, we reckon this is the one for you if you’re after a stimulating exercise experience combined with a big calorie-burn (classes are held at the Bank studio every Thursday at 7pm).