First Blankfein – now Carl Icahn is next bearded Wall Streeter

LLOYD Blankfein’s beard caught everyone’s attention at Davos in January. But now another bit of designer stubble is turning heads in Wall Street – and it belongs to Icahn Enterprises chairman Carl Icahn.

Yes, Icahn, 77 – currently facing tough questions from the Dell board over what he has planned for the firm – is the latest financial giant to grow a beard.

Perhaps the so-called “raider” wants a softer image. Like Santa?

■ We all know there are some pricey servings of Wagyu beef on offer at City restaurants, but a new hamburger costing $325,000 per portion is by far the most eye-watering piece of meat The Capitalist has come across. Whether it is equally mouth-watering on the other hand, remains to be seen. The test-tube burger, created by Netherlands tissue engineer Dr Mark Post, is made from bovine stem cells in a laboratory and there are plans for a London tasting event. But will you find it at a Square Mile steakhouse soon? “I am curious to see who serves it” one restaurant owner told The Capitalist. And surely who eats it, too.