Fight club finds a new home at City tailor shop

TWO ex-bankers turned bespoke City tailors have found themselves playing host to a group of their former contemporaries – not for suit fittings – but a series of rather unorthodox Skype conferences.

Ian Meiers and James Sleater, co-founders of City tailor Cad & the Dandy, are sponsoring the self-defence seminars given by macho-man Tim Larkin. Larkin used to offer rather more hands-on training to bankers in London and New York, but was banned by the Home Secretary last year from entering the UK.

A Home Office spokesperson told The Capitalist: “We are concerned that the type of self defence training promoted by Mr Larkin may encourage excessive violence and vigilante type behaviour.”

Larkin is appealing the decision but in the meantime is confined to teaching via Skype. One Barclays trader who attended an session last month didn’t seem too bothered about the exclusion order placed on Larkin, telling The Capitalist the training would be particularly useful for City boys heading off to seek out investment opportunities in less-than salubrious destinations. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “banker-bashing.”